Saturday night fever!

In honor of our RED HOT Atlanta Thrashers, my little angel is holding on to a ripe 102 fever on one of the most anticipated nights in hockey to bring this Thrasher Fever back with a vengeance…

Tonight is a big night in Philips Arena. While, from a distance the hockey world might be eager to see the Kovalchuk return, I think the only thing Thrashers fans need is to see our beloved Moose back on ice. As with any of his returns as a Thrasher to Pittsburgh, I am confident he will be welcomed with the sweet sound of “MOOOOOSSSSEEEE” filling the arena.
I was there when Kovalchuk returned at the end of last year, I was there to boo and hiss every time he touched the ice. I left with a smile, even though we lost, because he never once got a puck in goal. I am kind of over it now. He has had a terrible year this year, humility he has displayed quite gracefully. The Thrashers, we have been very blessed. #1, though, he has always been my favorite Thrasher. I am sad I will not be there tonight, just watching on tv, and in all honestly, as a lady in the sport, I might even get a little misty eyed as I hear his warm welcome…

Then the puck will drop. And it is GAME ON!

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Boys – we have got do something tonight! Tonight we need a win! I am very hopeful that we will see Eager back on ice. That boy showed that he is in this game to play this game. Ridiculous penalties denied him that ability for the full game Thursday night, but tonight he needs to come back strong. Kane came back on Thursday and got his first goal in a while, now he has the taste again, we should see him hitting hard. Most importantly, we were denied 45 times on Thursday. As aggressive as that number appears, look for much more domination and aggression and the net setting up for more rebound shots to ensure the shot goes in.

I think tonight will be a action packed evening with excitement charging the room. We may not have a mascot anymore, but I saw the fans doing an awesome job cheering on our team Thursday night and am confident it will be even louder tonight (and I am going to guess a few more fans will start taking matters into their own hands…we need drums…and MORE COWBELL…)

Tonight we have a number of ways to encourage attendance. Tonight is the Build a Bear Auction – there will be bears resembling specific players with their voices to be auctioned off. Neither of my kids have stopped talking about this since they first heard the announcement!
$1 Concessions are available for all of the remaining home games in December, hot dogs, pretzels and soft drinks for a buck. Starts at 6pm until puck drops – please make sure to be IN your seat when the puck drops for those of you who might be making this your first game.
For anyone not wanting to fill up on the hot dogs, this is also a Chick-Fil-A family night…with packages starting at just $85, a family of four gets dinner and admission (you have to arrive early enough to get the Chick-Fil-A outside the arena.) And since I am always willing to share a good fortune, since we will not be here tonight, the trick we use, head to Chick-Fil-A, grab your grub, head down the stairs towards the doors and swing to the left. These tables hardly ever fill and you are right next to the main entrance.

And, of course, though I will go down forever saying what a ridiculous marketing scheme it is, you can rest assured that your purchase of tickets will help free our poor bird who has stooped to such a low level to get attention (I feel dirty just saying that!).

So let’s hear it – LET’S GO THRASHERS!!

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