Battle of the goalies

I am not sure how I am feeling about the Bergfors scratching…it is becoming pretty routine and, in my opinion, kind of lame. The last game he started in, I truly thought he was working his a$$ off to get that puck. And I will still firmly say that he was working harder than some other guys are working on average each game. Maybe I am not seeing enough of their practices. I just do not get it. At this point, it isn’t a matter of working to play, because Bergs is not getting the opportunity to play.

I am kind of happy to see that Bogosian will be sitting out tonight’s game, even if it is only to “give him three days rest…” I am hoping that Meyer can show Ramsay that he can be counted on to have that spot on the line up and I would love to see Ramsay starting ‘disciplining’ Bogosian in the same way he is regularly disciplining Bergfors.  And, in all honesty, there is at least 1 or 2 other guys out there, forwards, that could really use a good benching to shake them up and showing more dominance on the ice.

The last time the Thrashers met the Bruins, in Atlanta, the Thrashers were playing with the second line goalie, giving Tim Thomas a day off. Tonight, not only will we get the opportunity to see former Thrasher Marc Savard back on ice, but we will also get to see Ondrej Pavelec against Tim Thomas.

The Atlanta Thrashers need to stay on point and in control during the entire game tonight. While it seems as though we have been steadily growing stronger in the second period, we have also steadily been losing steam in the third. Additionally, our once strong power play has pretty much disappeared. We need a win tonight in Blueland. The Lightning and the Capitals are both playing tonight, Caps  (2nd place in the conference) are against Pittsburgh (4th place in the conference) and the Lightning (currently in 5th place in the conference) are playing against the Rangers who currently sit just under the Thrashers in 7th place in the conference.  6 out of the top 8 teams in the conference are going head to head tonight, hopefully there will be some Blueland climbing going on!

Tonight, in the spirit of the season, I challenge everyone to donate a dollar for every goal scored against Tim Thomas.

Too Many Men

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