Boston's B-RUINING

Every year we have a company meeting at the end of the year, typically either the day of our holiday party or the day before. There is always a theme to the meeting and this year was Chain reaction. The first example of Chain Reaction was the March 2004 hockey game, the Philadelphia Flyers against the Ottawa Senators. Excited as I was that, here in the corporate world, Professional Hockey was being used as a visual example of something that was supposed to relate to what I do for a living, I proceeded to watch the most amazing hockey fight in the history of the NHL. 400+ penalties later, this is still, in the record books as the best hockey fight of all time.
Tonight I asked the Thrashers to make sure they had their game on. That they were on point and ready to WIN. Maybe I screwed up when I also asked the fans to donate a dollar for every goal the Thrashers scored on Thomas…

It says a lot when Dustin Byfuglien is the only player to score a goal. Not that he isn’t just totally awesome, but he is constantly the player the coaches are saying everyone else needs to be more like…and then he is the only one to score a goal.
Tonight just sucked for the Thrashers; while the intimate hello of Eric Boulton and Shawn Thornton 1 second into the game, lit the fire and gave us huge hopes for this game, the Thrashers really didn’t do much of anything else after that.
Yes we were playing the #1 goalie in the league, but we couldn’t even get the puck down there. I started tracking the penalties that were not called against the Bruins, but, in the end, even that wouldn’t have helped us.
The only positive thing I saw in this game tonight was they MASSIVE fight that broke out leaving over 8 players with penalties, half of which with game misconducts as well. And as I watched Bryan Little skirt over Marc Savard, the words I thought rang out on the TV, ““Why in the world, if you are Marc Savard would you do something like that?” Really? Start a fight with the amount of time you have been out from your last fight? And what it all boils down to for me, against the team that knocked out the guy who took you down?
Eh, the moon phase isn’t so kind to the Thrashers this time…that is for sure.
Turns out that Antro ended up sitting this one out…
Lightning beat the Rangers the ONLY time I was cheering for the Rangers…now the Lightning are 2 points up on us going into Friday’s game

Too Many Men

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