Boxing Day

After a day of snow for the first time in over a century, we are back to hosting the Lightning in Atlanta. Maybe, with the new holiday snow, we can also bring out a holiday win against this team that has been plaguing us for too long now.

Though there was an amazing fight against the Bruins the other night, the Thrashers have been barely hanging on these last two games. Traditionally we do not have the best luck at home, so hopefully we can bring our game this time.

Nate Thompson will be looking for revenge in Boulton’s ‘dirty’ hit. And Boulton, after scoring his first ever hat trick in the following game, will be there to remind Thompson that he is “not the best player in the world. He’s got to compensate for sticking his knee out when I’m by him with 10 seconds left in the game.” I am sure that the line may come out ready to play games tonight.

And why not? Come out with a little confidence and play to enjoy it…you guys have come a long way since last year and I think that kind of slips away sometimes. Play the game…dominate…and Win It!

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