Thrashers vs. Panthers

Well, we couldn’t catch a break between Tampa and Washington. Tampa takes the lead and Washington hangs on to get one point, keeping the Thrashers 4 points back as we head into our next battle.

Thrashers vs. Panthers

Wednesday, January 5 (man, I don’t know HOW I am going to be able to contain myself for our 5 day stretch next week if I can’t even handle 3 days this week!)

7:30pm EST FS-S

The two teams have already met 2 times this year, each walking away with one win. The Thrashers are coming off of an overtime win, desperately needing re-align the trend in the win column. The Panthers are gaining steam, with a 2 game winning streak currently going, their last game also an overtime win. The Thrashers have played 5 more games so far, as one of only 2 teams to have already reached the halfway mark with 42 games played. We sit at 48 points and 3rd in the division and Florida trails Carolina in last place with 38 points.

I am not fooled by either of these teams.

We need to play to win. We need to be step ahead of the refs, who, if anything like they have been, have been continually calling pathetic penalties against the Thrashers. We need to keep the team on the ice and out of the box. Play clean and play hard. Take a break, relax and it is over…we let down our guard, just once and we are out of third.

Rich Peverly and Andrew Ladd stepped it up the other night. We need Kaner and Little right there in the limelight. Sunday we were out shot by more than half. We need to have more shots on goal, more puck possession, more dominance on the ice… we ARE the Atlanta Thrashers…and we need to breathe this, be this…OWN IT.

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