Could you imagine, going to bed every night with everyone in the city talking about getting rid of you? How unsettling would it be, whenever you read about your industry, your career, hearing people talk about how soon they anticipate your ‘transfer’? Sometimes I wake up in a bad mood. Sometimes I don’t want to go to work…but could you imagine, when you got there every day, your boss told you to take a seat and you had to sit there and watch everyone else do their job?

Gives me tons of respect to #18, that is for sure. Not only to continue, every day, shooting for more and more ‘work’ but to keep his head up and to not let it get the best of him. 3rd star of the night last night AWAY…

Go Bergy!

Pevs was, again, top notch last night as well (earning the 1st star of the game) with 2 more goals added to his ever growing list. His second goal of the evening would be recorded as the Thrashers first 5 on 3 goal of the season…unfortunately, that stat is a little weak for me.

WHERE IS OUR POWER PLAY??? We had it, but we lost it. We used to be strong here. I can remember thinking, “Man, all a team needs to do is stay out of the penalty box and they will beat us…” I know that was this season I thought that…where did it go?

There was a moment of heart stopping horror when Byfuglien was helped off the ice. I couldn’t figure out if it was his knee or his wrist that was hurt, but thank goodness he came back out shortly after.

There was a lot of hits in the game last night, majority of them from the Panthers. The hit on Cormier (Boarding) was another scary moment, but the way the Thrashers took care of Matthius was inspiring.

Overall, the Thrashers came out ready to own the game. Their dominance in the first 2 periods was admirable, but there is still some work to do in the third. We need to continue this trend in this way.

Hopefully last night was a changing moment in the Southeastern division. While the Thrashers were re-claiming their territory, the Lightning managed to get even more ‘thrashed’ by the Penguins than we did. As one of the top goal scorers in the league, Stamkos really stunned the nation with his amazing penalty shot. A girl can hope that may knock him down a little, teeny bit? At least long enough for us to gain a few points on them…

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