Unlike Marilyn, James Dean and Elvis

I am not so fond of waffles.They are chewy and, if you toast them too long, they crunch and can even hurt the roof of your mouth if you aren’t careful.

In trying to get past night’s massacre, I take myself back to the Ilya Choke-o-chuk moment earlier this year and his words out of the darkness.

And remind myself with The NJ Devils – Pucks and Pitchforks recap of what 48 hours can do.

I refresh myself a little with The Pittsburgh Penguin’s IronCity’s confidence in Pens Labyrinth. The Tampa Bay Lightning, as I laughed at their misery the other day…well, I am not really laughing now. Just grateful that between Andrew Ladd and Patrice Cormier we were able to knock our destruction to only a 6 point difference, while Tampa Bay still had 7. Stings a little more knowing Tampa Bay lost to The Hockey Gods and we lost to waffle throwers, but we will meet up with Steven Stamkos

Steven Stamkos
image from Hockeyindependent.com

twice in the next 16 days so there is no time to waste crying over what happened yesterday.

Phil Foley gives a number of interesting stats in his Atlanta Thrasher Examiner recap of the game and Chris Vivlamore’s perspective on the AJC Blog includes some more quotas from the team as well. If you really need to see the video, check out Puck Daddy’s site for his recount of last night’s burning of Atlanta…

And, for any Thrasher fan, Ice Man “Rawhide” has the best take on the game here Iceman’s AJC Blog. This picture from his game recap says it all Iceman.

My little girl woke up this morning and asked “Who got the Hat trick” when she heard the final score. “No one sweetie…” I replied.

For Toronto:
Kris Versteeg started the goal scoring, matching Tobias Enstrom’s game starting goal (and the ONLY goal for the Atlanta Thrashers until the final 6 minutes of the game)

Mikhail Grabowski, who may just make the cover of the next bottle of syrup in Toronto, racked up two more goals in last night’s game after his shootout goal against the St. Louis Blues the night before. Editor in Leaf, Fansided’s own Toronto Maple Leafs blog, has a great write up on the game winner in the preview for last night’s game.

Colby Armstrong, former Atlanta Thrasher, not only walked away with what appeared to be a completely busted up eye, but also managed to score one against his old team. Rumor has it that he had a poor shot on Rich Peverley and that is what steamed Ben Eager’s ridiculous “intent to injure’ hit.

Nikolai Kulemin would walk away with two goals

Clarke MacArthur, another former Atlanta Thrasher, would walk away with two goals

and finally, just because enough players hadn’t gotten enough net time, Phil Kessel would finish the attack with his goal moments into the 3rd period and, of course, on Ben Eager’s penalty.

Sometimes, 8 just isn’t enough.

Oh Yeah! The Atlanta Thrashers, well, we had two more goals too! Patrice Cormier attempted to wake up the arena with 5:51 left in the game with his first goal. As this was an unassisted goal, I thought it did a pretty good job of summarizing the teamwork that took place on the ice for Blueland.

Andrew Ladd would knock one in just a few minutes later and less than a minute before the game ended. I guess, technically, we never gave up…

Tomorrow The Atlanta Thrashers will be visiting the All Star logo

( picture courtesy of Mother Pucker)

city to play The Carolina Hurricanes and we need to win. We don’t just need to win. We need to bounce back like we have never bounced back before. Last night’s game has got to be the lowest we have been, but we have been teetering there for a while. In the last 6 games, there have been a total of 42 goals scored. Of those 42 goals, only 17 of them have been Thrashers goals. Soon enough, we might not even have our grasp on the 3rd place position in our division.

Check out the Toronto Maple Leafs – Editor in Leaf for what will most likely be a victorious recap following Myles’ call for redemption last night after our last meet up in which the Atlanta Thrashers walked away 6-3 winners against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Check out our main site for more hockey news: Too Many Men on the Site

For news regarding out next match up, please check out The Carolina Hurricanes – Cardiac Canes

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