Hockey and Comic Books

The Guardian Project

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Seems like a good mix. I guess that is what made The NHL get together with SLG Entertainment’s, Stan Lee to create The Guardian Project

The project to unite comic books and sports will be creating 30 unique characters, one for each NHL team, to be unveiled at the 2011 All Star Weekend. Each “Guardian” not only has the sickest of character design, The Guardian creators evoke intimate details from each Guardian’s city to incorporate their own team’s unique character and design.

During the month of January, fans across the country can vote here for which Guardian to be unveiled next. So far, there have been 8 Guardians revealed, the latest being The Devil. All currently unveiled Guardians can be seen here.

The Thrasher, former loser in the battle against the Hurricane is currently losing in the battle against The Red Wing, who lost in the battle against the Black Hawk.

Below are the remaining battles:
January 9 – The Battle of the elements:
The Star – A Celestial enforcers of the Texas Plains
The Wild – An uncontrollable force of Nature

***Update – The Wild is Victorious

January 10 – The Battle of the Sunshine state:
The Panther – a fun loving Denizan of the Florida Everglades
The Lightning – A bold Brazen lightning rod of the Florida Gulf Coast

**Update – The Lightning was the dominant force

January 11 – The Battle of the Musicians:
The Blue – The Master Musician
The Predator – The Titanium Music City Super Cat

**Update – The Predator has been revealed

January 12 – The Battle of the creatures
The Coyote – Mysterious drifter of the American Desert
The Shark – a Technological Genius and software empath.

** Update – The Shark has been revealed

January 13 – The Hardknock Battle
The Bruin – The Beantown Brute
The Ranger – The Futuristic Manhattan Crime Fighter

**Update – The Bruin remains on top

January 14 – The Philosopher’s Battle
The Avalanche – The Rocky Mountain Mad Man
The Canuck – The resident Guardian Sage

**Update – the Sage has remained on top. The Canuck has been revealed.

January 15 – The Northern Battle
The Maple Leaf – A fierce Immovable object
The Canadien – The Legendary Protector of Quebec

**The Canadien has been revealed

January 16 – A Winged Battle
The Capital – The Winged Defender of the Nation’s Capital
The Duck – A Rebel with a Trust Fund

**The Capital is the winner

January 17 – The tale of two cities
The Red Wing – Automotive empath of the Motor City
The Thrasher- The Consummate Southern Gentleman

** The Red Wing is victorious

January 18 – The Mortal/ Immortal Battle
The Blue Jacket – The serious minded union soldier
The Senator – Half Man/ Half God – All Super Hero

January 19 – The Fire and Water Battle
The Flame – Controls the element of Fire
The Islander – The resident Guardian Marine

January 20 -
The Star – A Celestial enforcers of the Texas Plains
The Panther – a fun loving Denizan of the Florida Everglades

January 21 -
The Blue Jacket – The serious minded union soldier
The Coyote – Mysterious drifter of the American Desert

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