Thrashers vs 'Canes Preview

Sorry for the delay…totally got caught up in the Snowstorm hype.

For the Atlanta Thrasher fans that did not make the road trip to Raleigh, here is too staying bundled up inside while we catch this one on SPSO.

The Atlanta Thrashers have recalled Tim Stapleton and Spencer Machacek with Evander Kane, Jim Slater and Freddy Modin are still out with injuries and now Ben Eager suspended until the 20th. However, the Canes still have a few men out right now as well.

The Carolina Hurricanes have been on a “comeback” roll lately. Over the last 3 games, they have come from behind to at least take the game into overtime. More importantly, our last meet-up, they came from behind and managed to win that one. Atlanta Thrashers, we cannot afford to give the Carolina Hurricanes even 1 point during this match-up.

The Atlanta Thrashers need to, most importantly, shake off the loss from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Secondly, they need to stay out of the penalty box. Spencer Machacek may be looking at this game as a second chance to show what he has got. Knowing the team this year, they will only help him show it. Just need to keep their heads in the game.

If we take on any sort of lead, we need to stay focused. Do not get comfortable. This is where the Carolina Hurricanes seem to be excelling lately.

I have every belief in our Sons of Blueland and am confident we will bounce back. If not, we are in serious trouble in the standings.

To The Atlanta Thrashers fan club taking the road trip, drive safely back to Atlanta!

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