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The Philadelphia Flyers are coming off a tough loss last night, riding in to Atlanta. The game last night had 5 lead changes and ended up with 12 total goals scored between the two teams. Last night’s loss to Boston stopped a 4 game winning streak for the Flyers, but hopefully it also wore them out.

The Atlanta Thrashers, well, they have a different story brewing. The last Atlanta Thrasher game was on Sunday, in Raleigh, were they walked away with an overtime loss. The Atlanta Thrashers have not played a game since then and even had to postpone at least one practice due to inclement weather in Atlanta this week.

This will be the first meet up of the season for the two teams. As Coach Ramsay said regarding the Atlanta Thrasher loss on Sunday, “they showed a lot of heart and a lot of courage.” Unfortunately, Flyers love to feed of snank food such as heart and courage. Not too long ago, the Philadelphia Flyers barely made it into the playoffs. They took each meeting day by day and very meticulously devoured each team they encountered taking themselves all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

With the 4 day break, the Atlanta Thrashers have moved all the way down to hanging in at 8th place in the conference. The Atlanta Thrashers need a win like the city needs a day without ice and snow.

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