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It’s been a while since we have seen this face in the net, a tad bit longer than our beloved Moose, mostly because, the last time he was on our team he was undergoing massive recovery after back surgery. Tonight the Atlanta Thrashers have traveled to the Lone Star State and, hopefully, will be able to knock some goals past the talented moves of Kari Lehtonen. #32 was always a big piece of the Atlanta Thrashers and I know there were many out there who were hoping he would be the one to take us through. It is awesome to see him finally getting healthy enough to be on the ice and really becoming the goalie the Thrashers thought he would be. Only tonight, the Atlanta Thrashers only goal is to invade his goal. Abuse it, rough it up, torture it and hopefully, put more pucks in Kari’s goal than the Stars put in ours. It will be a tough battle, <a href=”Kari has averages 2 or less goals against him in his last 8 games. The Dallas Stars have had 3 days off and are hoping to continue their winning streak while the Atlanta Thrashers, hopefully we will be rebounding back after last nights turn of events. While both teams have the same make-up of numbers in their last 10 games, Dallas is sitting at 5-3-2 while Atlanta is 3-5-2. Atlanta has been sliding fast as of late and hopefully this will be our big turn around. Check Out the Dallas Stars – Blackout Dallas for their full report.

A few of these boys know Kari’s weak spots, they have been shooting the puck at him for years. Tonight would be a great opportunity to really capitalize on that knowledge.

It would be nice to see Pavelec get the start again tonight. I think he (and the rest of the team) could really use the back-to-back. it is hard to sit and stew on a pathetic loss, sometimes the best medicine is to get thrown right back into the mess and fight your way out. Even more so, Ondrej has been sent back down to the Wolves on more than one occasion because Lehtonen was taken off of injured reserve after weeks of battling to try to keep the team afloat. I would love to see Ondrej showing who is in the Thrasher net now.


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With every moment there is opportunity. Tonight the Tampa Bay Lightning will be visiting the Carolina Hurricanes. Check out Tampa Bay Lightning’s – Bolts by the Bay for the preview of tonight’s division match-up. A win for Atlanta and a loss for Tampa could get the Thrashers a slight step closer towards the division leaders, however a loss for Atlanta and a win for Carolina puts The Carolina Hurricanes a little too close for comfort.

There are a few keys to tonight’s game for Atlanta:

1. Put the puck IN the net. Not around it, not near it, IN the net.

2. Rebound, that will help get #1 taken care of.

3. Stay out of the penalty box.

4. Stay focused. This is your game. You know how to play it. Now win it!

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