Kane and Buff Hit the Newsstands!

That’s right….You’ve got two of Atlanta’s biggest stars out in some pretty big magazines. The Hockey News has decided to place Dustin Byfuglien on their cover and Evander Kane is featured in ESPN the Magazine. The Thrashers are without a doubt getting the most attention they’ve gotten in the 11 year history of the team. Although it’s taken a while to get the team noticed, the time is here, and we need to embrace it in Atlanta.


The Hockey News article on Buff covers his chase at the Norris trophy as he shows he is one of the best defensemen in the NHL today. With his 16 goals, 25 assists,  6 game-winning goals, and 194 shots, it’s hard to count him out. Surely, you’ve gotta be doing something right to make an article in this magazine, let alone the cover! He’s been the power behind the Thrashers success this season and he’s the one we’re all looking at to get Atlanta out of this current slump. Hopefully he’ll live up to these expectations…Only time will tell…

Evander Kane is NEXT, according to ESPN the Magazine.  The article focuses on Kane as a player, bringing the black fan base to hockey, and of course his 1-hit wonder on Matt Cooke of Pittsburgh. Kane may be the best draft pick by the Thrashers in franchise history(Kovawho?). He’s only 19 and has many great years ahead of him to prove what he’s got.  He’s also the highest picked black player in NHL history. This could mean so much to the Atlanta fan base. As we all know, Atlanta has a very big African American population and hockey isn’t very popular around these parts. Kane hopes to change that and so far, is pulling the team in the right direction to do just that.

Pick up both copies of these magazines and continue to support these boys!

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