Buckle down

We managed to hold up during the snowstorm of the century, but Thrashers Fans, there is a Hurricane heading our way…

After tearing up the Maple Leafs tonight, the Carolina Hurricanes now sit one point behind us, as we meet the Capitals. For the 6th and final time this year, we will meet up with the Washington Capitals.

There was a time when we dominated this team.
There was a time when we ranked higher than this team.
Remember that moment when we sat in 1st place for a few hours? When we held our ground in 2nd place?
Tomorrow marks the last game of the worst start to a New Year I can remember.

The Carolina Hurricanes are meeting the islanders while we battle the Caps on Wednesday. To say we are hanging by a thread is a little redundant right now. Our owners have, basically, stomped on us. The injury streak has us almost at a breaking point. Our hot streak has been over for quite a while now…

But still we hold on


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