Bustin' Dustin

One thing I know for sure, as much as I LOVED the entire All Star Weekend, GOAL # 2 for Team Lidstrom was OFF THE CHARTS! I sure hope this brings our #1 out of that drought he was in. What a better way to bring back the rush than his first All Star goal.

You are amazing Dustin Byfuglien. Mic’d the first period of the game, bringing even more laughter and enjoyment to the game. You are truly an All Star and I am one Thrasher fan nothing but grateful to have you here with the Atlanta Thrashers.

Again, there were a lot of great moments in the All Star weekend this year. Of my Buff moments, besides the goal I think my favorite moment was hearing Nicklas Lidstrom say that Eric Staal had it all wrong, that Dustin Byfuglien was the best D-Man out there and he was going with Big Buff. Knowing that Buff made it over 100 mph on both of his shots in the fastest shot competition was a nice little cherry on top, but making it even sweeter to be shown to the entire NHL what Atlanta really has our hands on, was knowing that boy had more ice time than any other player in the entire game with 22:18 minutes. While some people think Atlanta might not have what it takes, #33 is bringing home much earned and deserved respect to the Deep South. As alternate captain, I am confident he will be bringing the buzz to the rest of the team as  we round the final laps in this race.

Yes – we wake up this moring still in 8th. Yes – we wake up with the other half of our wonder twins still on the sideline. But we have huge hurtles behind us now that we will not encounter again this season (Tampa Bay and Washington). We have a huge February ahead of us, but our Buff is back. As for the owner issues of late, I think I can speak for most everyone out there when I say this IS a hockey town. You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to…but if you live it and breathe it, you know Atlanta has it.

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