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Well here we are again… Islanders and Thrashers…. Two worst attended teams in the NHL… WAKE UP ATLANTA!!! In December, when the Islanders hosted the Thrashers, 1000+ Nordiques fans made the trip to New York to protest the two teams. There’s no doubt that these fans want one of these teams, or any team for that matter. I don’t know about the rest of you Atlanta, but I’ll die without hockey(not physically, but emotionally & mentally). Nobody wants me to die, right? So let’s buy the tickets, sit in the seats(or stand if you’d like), and cheer for your Thrashers!

Back to the game.  The Thrashers are two-for-two against the Islanders this season, with both games being decided by one goal. New York has nothing to lose coming into the game as they’re pretty much out of the playoff hunt. They currently sit in 14th in the Eastern conference, with 37 points. Atlanta, on the other hand, grasps onto the 8th and final playoff spot in the conference, with 57 points.  Both teams will come out swinging, hoping to improve their season.

Atlanta’s last game, played on January 26th, was a brilliant one against the Capitals. Ondrej Pavelec earned a shutout and the defense did  a hell of a job, to say the least. Let’s all hope that game was the beginning of something great. Who knows, maybe they’ll start playing like they did at the beginning of the year. Lately, they’ve been hit with injuries left and right. Evander Kane, who is a major part of our offense, has been out with  a lower body injury.  Toby Enstrom(selected All-Star) is now out with a broken finger. Freddy Modin and Jim Slater have been in and out. It’s just one after another, but hopefully this curse is coming to an end and the Thrashers can get back to their winning ways.

For more on tonight’s game from the visitors side,  visit Eyes on Isles.

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