Rating the Guardians

Well since I’m bored here at work, I figured I’d take some time out and rate the “Guardians” based strictly on my personal opinion…

I guess I owe a bit of an explanation behind some of these huh? Why did I choose the Duck as number one? It’s simple. HE’S AMAZING! Seriously though, it reminds me of the old school duck uniforms as far as the mask goes as well as the older cartoon(I wish they’d bring the old school colors/jerseys back!).

The Predator is by far the most detailed of all the guardians in my opinion

The Senator is very detailed as well and resembles the team very well

The Blue…Come on…You can’t see the dudes face and he has a sax!

The Panther. Very mysterious(like the Blue)  & could sneak up on you any second!

The Coyote. He kinda looks like Wolverine in my opinion, but hey, still a cool idea.

The Islander. Looks like a football player/soldier/sumo wrestler/what the heck is he?

The Oiler. Well thought out design on this one. Very detailed.

The Wild. Would’ve ranked higher, but come on…Sunglasses?

The Red Wing. I really like how they added the tires.  Great aspect to Detroit

The Star. He kinda looks like an iguana, but very slick design.

The King. Yes, he’s just that…A king. I thought they could’ve been a bit more creative with him.

The Flyer. Guess what? He flies! No, I’m not kidding

The Blue Jacket. I LOVED this one, but they took it a little too far. 18 cannons is uneccessary.

The Hurricane. Looks like something out of Mortal Combat

The Lightning. I just hate the team…..sorry

The Maple Leaf. Who doesn’t love a big ol’ tree that kicks ass?

The Avalanche. What is this, Mr. Freeze? That’s original….

The Devil. What a stallion. Is that really a horse?

The Bruin. Too plain…WAY too plain

The Flame. I like the design, but not enough detail.

The Sabre. I’m just confused by this one.

The Blackhawk. This is the point where I think the artist just stopped caring.

The Canadian. Plain

The Capital. Plain Plain

The Thrasher. Sad Face. Plain Plain Plain

The Ranger. Plain Plain Plain Plain

The Peguin. Haha. Plain Plain Plain Plain Plain

The Canuck. Looks like a jacked up version of Batman with fins.

The Shark. A shark head on  a human body. I can’t stop laughing at this pathetic guardian. Sorry SJ

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