Hello Quebec?

Just kidding, but on a serious note, last night’s attendance was the worst I’ve ever seen. I will, however, put some blame on the weather. I had to drive about 45 minutes to Philip’s and it was hell.  I still managed to get out and support our team, so where was everyone else at? Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much(except buy one, get one free hat night!). On with the game…

Back from the All-Star break…Everyone’s excited to get back to work…Fans are ready to see some domination of the 14th placed Islanders…And what happens? The Thrashers get annihilated. I just sat in shock, but enjoying my buy one get one free hats at the same time. This game wasn’t even close. Atlanta surely didn’t look like a NHL quality team. Defense was terrible. Offense was terrible. They never got a chance to setup anything in New York’s zone. The one goal they did get was 100% pure luck. I just don’t get it.

The game seemed to be pretty tight between the two team in the first,  the Thrashers possibly being the more dominant team. Shot’s on goal were even and defense played a very big role. With 5 minutes left in the first, Freddy Meyer got his first goal as a Thrasher as he took a shot from behind the net, which bounced off goalie Kevin Poulin’s skate and went in.  Freddy played great for the entire game, but unfortunately, one defensive player can’t carry an entire team to a win.

The second period is where the Islanders took off. It all started with a goal by Hamonic, 5 minutes in, to tie the game at one a piece. The game was tight, once again,  for about the next ten minutes before all h-e-double hockey sticks broke loose. Okposo got one past Pavelec to give the Isles the lead. Not long after(one minute to be exact), Parenteau netted another on the powerplay. New York was slowly, but surely ruining any chance of the Thrashers coming back in this one. I don’t even want to know what Ramsay had to say to the team, because I’m sure he was none to pleased.

Time for the third period…Chance for Atlanta to come back, right? Wrong. I even put on my “rally cap” in hopes that a miracle would happen. That hope would soon be washed away. Time slowly dwindled down in the remaining minutes and Okposo finally put my nerves at rest when he nabbed his second goal of the night, putting the game away for good. The final score was 4-1, a tough loss for Atlanta. There was some “good” news, however(besides my buy one get one free hats).  Washington, Carolina, and Florida were all handed losses, meaning Atlanta still holds onto the 8th and final playoff spot by 1 point. Yes, Tampa Bay did win, but I believe they’ve pretty much walked away with the division at this point, so why even pay attention to them?

Here are some highlights of tonight’s game below from For more on the game, visit Eyes on Isles.

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