It is that time again. After our “comeback” flop, here we stand, the team of the past meeting head to head in our home against the team of the NOW. NOW is the time Thrashers! We can’t keep holding on to the hope that other teams will continue stay just behind us any longer. We need to change things around in a bad way.

Coach Ramsay is not going to make any major changes as to whom we will see on the ice tonight, he is using tonight’s game as an opportunity for specific players to respond back after being singled out. Tonight we will see what the definition of ACCOUNTABILITY really means to some. While deep down I feel as though that is a great idea, I am getting to the point to where I worry now that it will only lead to more disappointment. And what do we do if that doesn’t work?
Just walk away?

I feel as though my opinion is just going to be another harsh opinion, lashing out at the obsurdities that have become our participation in the games, but I don’t know what else to say. During the game Tuesday night, Zach Bogosian said, of the other players on the ice, that “they” needed to start stepping up and doing their part. Yet Zach Bogosian is one of the players I see most often not doing his part. After Brent Sopel let multiple pucks slide through his legs, ensuring at least one goal, Zach Bogosian mirrored the exact moves. Our defense was a defensive nightmare. Chris Thorburn, in my opinion, was one of our key defenseive players…yes, Thorburn and Byfuglien. And our offense, well, it clearly wasn’t there. We got that penalty and then the walls started falling down AGAIN.

Tonight the Calgary Flames come to Blueland. They have not won in Blueland since moving to Calgary. The Atlanta Thrashers first home win was against the Calgary Flames in October of 1999. Bring it home boys…

Tonight the Carolina Hurricanes play the Toronto Maple Leafs. Again, we will sit and watch the scoreboard, wondering…Saturday we go head to head. NOW is the time. It has to be now.

Tonight, in an attempt to try yet another mix, our lines will be:


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