We Gone!


Can’t say I am shocked, I mean, really…

But I can say I am relieved. I can FINALLY watch a hockey game again without worrying about what is going on up the hill a way. Every game, it has been hard enough to stomach out playing, even harder with the stress of wondering what everyone else is doing. Let someone else worry now.

I can’t say we didn’t try. The Atlanta Thrashers tried harder than I have seen them try in a while. The whole team was out there. I was floored when Zach Bogosian, of all players, scored a goal…BOGOSIAN? It was truly an amazing night. Going into the game, I truly believed that it was going to be a nail biter, most likely taking us into over time, possibly even a shoot out. I am kind of glad we didn’t have to go through the shoot out, though I was really hoping to write a victory post when I got home. However, from the final 5 minutes in the second, all the way through the 3rd, that was some of the best hockey I have seen in a while. Look who was even sporting an “A” on his chest
Yeah, I know, horrible shot…it’s #3…if he has been wearing that a while, I hadn’t seen it as of yet
The Atlanta Thrashers, though still miserable on the power play, ended up scoring 3 goals. More importantly, when the Carolina Hurricanes took over the lead, we hung in there, we didn’t crack and fall apart. I think these are two key tidbits to walk away with, as these are the first glimpses of the Thrashers we dreamed of for a short time this season. And now, what do we have to look forward to now?

Now we have a team with nothing to lose, that’s what.

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