O Canada....

Well here we are Atlanta…No longer in a playoff position. I think we’ve all been expecting this though, considering the way the team’s been playing the past month or so. I believe I speak for all of Blueland when I say we’re disappointed…

I could go down the list and name off what players are doing wrong, but hey, my name’s not Craig Ramsay.  I hear a lot of people saying, “get rid of the coach!” Are you kidding me? I think he’s doing a great job. Look at what he did at the beginning of the season. The Thrashers were outstanding! Then the injuries hit. Was the entire team injured? Well, no, but think of what that does to the momentum, the lines, etc. Players have to adjust to these things, unfortunately, the Thrashers haven’t done such a great job of doing so. Rick Dudley is no stranger to the trade market this season.  He’s made blatant statements claiming he’s looking for a top 6 forward and possibly another defenseman. I completely agree. Just one more thing…Get rid of Mason! I’m sorry, but we need a SOLID backup for Pavelec. Ondrej’s been worked too hard lately and it’d be nice to have someone else take part of the workload.

Back to tonight’s game. All of Blueland probably remembers the last time Atlanta faced Toronto, although we wish we didn’t. 9-3 was the final of this game, and an eventful one at that. We witnessed the Leafs score 6 goals in the 2nd period alone. We saw former Thrasher, Ben Eager, take a cheap shot at Colby Armstrong(quite funny though).  I personally saw a fan right in front of me fall asleep. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Am I saying tonight’s going to be any different? Absolutely not.

I wish I could sit here and claim that the team is playing better and has a great shot of taking this one away. Unfortunately, I can’t do that. We don’t know what’s going to happen. At this point, we can just sit and hope.  There’s one thing that can’t change, and that’s our support for this team! This is one we won’t be able to watch tonight, but you can listen to it HERE.

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