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Sorry for the delay in posting everyone! Last night’s game had me floored. Though the Atlanta Thrashers against the NY Rangers paled in comparison to vendettas served from another New York team, there was a spark there we haven’t seen in a while. To say that we got a few key pieces to our team back is an understatement. After last night, Evander Kane has officially topped his Rookie year totals with 16 goals and 30 points. Eric Boulton started the game with a dominating fight to spark the team, in which Anthony Stewart would shortly follow up with the first goal of the game. The team played with a little more confidence than we have seen of late. Ondrej Pavelec helped boost that confidence with an amazing blocked penalty shot.

Burmistrov played a stellar game, he is getting solid hits on the ice. Unfortunately, he was injured and, though he tried to continue to play, wincing on the ice, he eventually made his way back to the locker room and had under 10 minutes of total ice time. He showed up at practice today with crutches.

I personally, do not really understand the Bergfors situation. Again, racking up less than 10 minutes of total ice time, I feel like he is just not given the opportunity that other players are getting on the ice. I have almost forgotten who Peverley is, I haven’t seen much from him to make him stand out in weeks. It is rather sad, he was one of my favorites, but now, when writing my posts, I have to be reminded, “oh yeah, Rich Peverley, he is one of our forwards too.”

Bogosian is showing more effort on the ice and Big Buff, when his line-mate comes back, racks up his second point in as many games!

Unfortunately, our 8th spot seat was short lived. The Hurricanes, in the final minute of their road game against Tampa, tied it up and took that one into extra tie, earning themselves another point and reclaiming the 8th spot before heading into Atlanta tomorrow. Carolina is struggling almost as badly as the Thrashers, but they managed to pass us just a week ago and it is much harder to catch up than it is to stay behind when playing this way.

Tomorrow the Thrashers need to carry some of that spark they had to get them through the end of Friday night’s game. They need to get out there and win it. Actually, I think that, instead of just concentrating on “winning” the game, they need to get out there and have fun. Really remember what it is that made them know this was the path they wanted to go on. Why they chose hockey as their career. Maybe that is where it is at. Maybe the focus has been so long on winning that they forgot what made them love the game in the first place…in all honesty, I wouldn’t mind a penalty list like the one you can find here, at least that would make for quite an interesting game. We almost got something along those lines last weekend in Raleigh.

Check out The Carolina Hurricanes’ own Cardiac Canes welcoming out newest writer to the team!

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