Burmi's broken bones

image: Bleacherreport.com

Yesterday was Kid’s Day at Phillips Arena. Thank you to my wonderful friend for standing in line with my babies to get the autograph of one, Alexander Burmistrov. At just 19 yrs old, the kid truly has the desire to succeed in every ounce of his soul. He will get out there on the ice, shimmy this way, duck under someone’s stick and fly faster down the ice that I can image half the time, just to try to make sure he is doing everything he can to get his team a win. If the team isn’t hitting hard enough, rest assured that little Burmi will get out there and pummel someone against the boards. He has goals, assists, a total of 17 points so far this season. I don’t think this is too bad for a rookie season. And with the drive this boy has, I am confident he will only get better.

Unfortunately, I noticed, at quarter to puck drop, Burmi was sitting at the table signing autographs in a suit, not a uniform. “Mommy, Burmi was using crutches when he got here,” my daughter said to me when I joined them in line. I made a comment to Burmistrov and then followed up with, “So, is it broken?” (I mean, really, why beat around the bush…are we just swapping players that are out instead of getting the opportunity to have a “healthy” team? Lay it on me!). He looked over at his colleague who nodded and he responded back “Yes.”
I sighed…

I guess it was foreshadowing of what our night would end like. But, alas, he did sign my son’s drum stick and truly got a kick out of having pucks, jerseys and a drum stick to sign. Let’s hope he heals quick!

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