Hopelessly devoted

Erik COle
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I know months ago I said I was going to stop keeping track of the number of shots on goal, because, by that point it was getting ridiculous. I guess I truly didn’t understand the definition of the word “ridiculous” at that point. Last night the Atlanta Thrashers outshot the Carolina Hurricanes 43-17. Even worse, the ‘Canes ended the 1st period with 8 shots, meaning, between the 2nd and 3rd periods, they only shot 9 times. I can’t even remember the last time the Atlanta Thrashers had 43 shots on goal. Hats off to Cam Ward for being able to successfully defend his net the entire evening.

Am I disappointed in the end results? Losing (again) to Carolina at home? Yes, extremely. To see that we didn’t even get physical like we did in Carolina one week ago truly makes me wonder if we were really in it to win it. We had to be, we had 43 shots on goal, right? Andrew Ladd was our lone goal scorer of the evening. We had vowed that if he managed to get a hat trick we would be sending our ‘Canes fans hat down onto the ice. But, alas, that did not happen. With Carolina playing back-to-back road games, 2 solo goals with no one assisting is all we could show for all of our efforts.

Now the Carolina Hurricanes are 2 points ahead of the Atlanta Thrashers. The Buffalo Sabres remain two points behind us as they gave up a win to the Islanders. Now we head to Phoenix. Ramsay said we need to shoot the puck, we need to aim at the net. We did that last night. Now we need to figure out how to actually GET the puck into the net…oh, that is right, REBOUND. I think that if we ever can truly realize and execute that concept, we still will have a chance in this battle. But until that day comes, we are going to have players continually trying to win it solo and blowing perfectly good opportunities to get the rebound goals.

Walking out the door last night, I was ready to take my jersey and throw it away. Heartbroken that we walked with our heads down low with another loss on our shoulders. Am I truly ready to give up on our boys, no. Never…Here on Valentines day, I remain, hopelessly devoted…

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