Arthur Blank



It warmed my heart to see fellow Thrasher fans broadcasting the shared theory that this one man could possibly fill all of the needs for the Atlanta Thrashers to not only remain in Atlanta, but finally bring the Stanley Cup home to us all.

Click here to share your support in enticing Arthur Blank to purchase our NHL team before we end up losing our team completely.

For those of you who may not be aware of who Arthur Blank is or, equally importantly, why so many Atlanta Thrasher fans are eager to see Arthur Blank take over the pathetic ownership currently running the shots at Philips Arena, please take a moment to read through my notes.

Arthur Blank is co-founder of one of the largest and most profitable Home Improvement chains in the United States, Home Depot . Fired from his last position, he and co-founder Bernie Marcus merged their assets and created my 5 yr old son’s version of heaven

Through the Home Depot, their co-founders have a Major US Olympic Sponsor. They have teamed up with Joe Gibbs NASCAR racing team and within one year, Tony Stewart, wearing the familiar Orange and White, was named the Winston Cup rookie of the year. In 2002, Arthur Blank purchased the Atlanta Falcons. He had two primary missions at this time, upgrade the team’s talent and BRING BACK FANS. Immediately, he gave the Atlanta Falcons their first sold out season in 2 decades. He spent time creating the EXPERIENCE for the fans that would continue to draw fans into the Falcons stadium to this day. This past season, we witnessed the Atlanta Falcons have their best season ever, dominating the NFL with a 13-3 regular season.

His successes do not end there. Blank is determined to ensure everyone who works with him is connected to the city of Atlanta. The Home Depot Foundation and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation are two key contributors to numerous non-profits across the city. If there is one man that truly cares for Atlanta, I would have to say it is Arthur Blank.

The current owners of the Atlanta Thrashers, the Atlanta Spirit, have shown over and over again that they have absolutely no desire to do anything with this team. Honestly, I have even started thinking they are paying people to make the Thrashers lose just to make sure they are doing whatever they can to make the Atlanta Thrashers as undesirable as possible in attempts to sell them as soon as they can.

In the latest of disgusting maneuvers from Atlanta Spirit ownership, they are seemingly getting closer and closer to their goal of destroying the actual Atlanta Spirit that makes up the Atlanta Thrashers fans. More and more fans are getting turned away, not as much by the losses anymore as by the indifferent attitude coming from the “businessmen” that continue to look to us, the fans, to make this work instead of coming up with a plan as the OWNERS of the organization to make Atlanta the Hockey town we want it to be.

We CAN make a difference in this town, this is something I do believe. Go to and let’s see if we can show this guy that we will gladly stand behind him in the march to the Stanley Cup if he is willing to lead. If anyone has any other sites that have been created for saving the Thrashers, please feel free to share them here. From the latest of interviews, we are quickly looking at “weeks, not months” before The Atlanta Spirit attempts to remove hockey from our city for good. And from what I have heard, it won’t take but a second for this team to be gobbled up…

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