Trip to the Desert

It’s gameday again! So what does that mean? That means I wear my Thrashers shirt to work, against the company dress code. Yeah, I’m bad. Anyways, the Thrashers are back on the road for a 3-game trip, first landing in Phoenix. The last time these two teams played each other was back on March 14th, when the Coyotes took the two points in a shootout. But the past is the past, the future is now.

God, I love that video. It never gets old. But this little 4-year-old is right, our time is now! We’ve got our key player locked up(Byfuglien), the team is healthy(for the most part), and they’ve had a break to cool down and get their heads straight. Yes, there’s still some work to be done before the trade deadline, but the team HAS to deal with what they have for now. A win tonight will put the Thrashers back in 8th place in the Eastern conference, after Carolina’s unfortunate(sarcasm) loss last night against the Flyers.

The Coyotes come into this game riding a 5-game winning streak and currently sit 3rd in the Western conference with 69 points. But enough about them. Our Thrashers are STILL slumping as of late. Since the New Year, Atlanta’s record is 5-9-4. Is that playoff worthy? Absolutely not. Heck, they don’t even deserve to be named as contenders as of their recent performance, but should we give up on them as fans? Well, we wouldn’t be fans then would we?

I’m sure, by now, that just about everyone has read the heart-breaking article from AJC that was brought to us yesterday, regarding the state of the franchise. If you have yet to read it, click here. As this is to no surprise to many of us, it was by far, the most alerting article yet. We have to start putting butts in those seats guys. Yeah, ownership sucks(to say the least), but what are we doing by staying away? Do you think we’re proving a point? The only point you’re proving by staying away from the games is that you want the team to move ASAP. Don’t come to support the Atlanta Spirit. Come to support your Atlanta Thrashers. On that note, I’m out. GO THRASHERS!

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