Big Day in the ATL


Well, the Atlanta Thrashers did not walk away with a win last night. They DID take over the lead in the second period, which was rather awesome. I DO believe that the Atlanta Spirit have found a way to pay off the referees in Toronto to ensure the Thrashers to not get any wins if at all possible. “Inconclusive” was the ruling of the goal that ultimately would be the deciding factor of the game, giving Phoenix another win and the Thrashers, well, another loss.

As I watched the game last night, I was absolutely amazed to see Rich Peverley’s performance. Esctatic, I jumped around glad to see he had finally come around and the guy who was such a strong force on our team at the beginning of our run, was finally back. While the rest of the team truly put out a huge effort, with an amazing dominating first period and strong second, the real star of the game last night was Pevs.

Silly girl, did you forget about the Trades???

It would seem only appropriate that he would leave with such a grandour performance. Giving us one last glimpse of what could have been, if only…

I think it was a very appropriate trade. If someone is not a good mix, they should go and finally Boris will have someone hopefully, that will have a place for him. As for Atlanta, look at what we have now!!

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