Aw, Come ON!

bus wreck

The Sabres too? I know, Ryan Miller ranks right up there at the top, but 40 shots and ONE goal? Come on guys, you are playing like you already moved out! New boys on the team and we still can’t get it together.

The Atlanta Thrashers are becoming the worst team in the league. You wined us, you dined us, you dangled first place in our faces and now you are ditching us, leaving us on the side of the road. Are you really going to let the disgraces of businessmen suffocate your desire to play hockey? You have a city of fans, torn between loyalty to YOU and straight up disgust with ownership, still buying tickets, still BELIEVING in you, and you can’t even throw us a bone? ONE BONE?

PLAY IT TO WIN IT! Show us we aren’t fools for believing in you.

If they take your love for the game away from you, they beat you. THEY win. DO NOT LET THEM WIN!

Don’t let them make you think, even for a second, that you IN ATLANTA, don’t change the lives of so many. This IS a hockey town, we just have the unfortunate luck of having the worst owners in the entire NHL. Just yesterday I asked my son what number he wanted on his jersey for Baseball this season. After going through half of the Atlanta Braves and getting “no” every time I finally said, “ok, what about #33?”
“YES! That is the number I want Mommy!” without even a second’s hesitation. Both my kids are picking Thrashers games with their friends instead of the traditional birthday parties (AGAIN this year). Kids all over the city gear up and start practicing at the crack of dawn, wanting to be a Thrasher someday. You inspire people every day. Shoot, I started following my dream of being a write by writing about you guys (and let me tell ya, it hasn’t been easy). I wouldn’t go back and change it for anything.

You guys ARE our home team. We are fighting for you every day! WE NEED YOU TO FIGHT BACK.


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