February Update


February, though we haven’t moved in the right direction on the standings chart, has definitely been a month with a lot of movement. As I mentioned in my last post, pretty much everyone involved in hockey has spent at least 1 article on the Boys of Blueland in appreciation of Black History Month. It is nice to be noticed for something positive and, in all honesty, though we are in the slump of all slumps, every single one of them deserves the attention.

We have aquired a few good men over the past week. Here, TJ discusses our Boston roots and now we have also aquired Ben Maxwell, who will be starting in Chicago (for now) and a 4th round draft pick, letting go of Dawes and Sopel.

GM Duds has received a 4 yr contract extension, ensuring a solid lead for the team. And now, suddenly everything is turning to Rammer. Really guys? I don’t like the talk that has started circling in what, to me, is probably the most unstable of times for the Atlanta Thrashers.

Meanwhile, the now nerve-wrecking, gray hair inducing topic of the future of the Thrashers has hopefully taken a turn for the better with recent news of a ‘potential’ interested party to bring love of the sport back to a team that truly deserves it.

Thrasher fans everywhere are rallying for our team. The Rally that was originally scheduled for tonight’s game has been postponed to Sunday to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend (instead of fighting rush hour traffic). Fans are trying to make decals to show support. While things are so rocky on the executive side, don’t forget what is truly most important here, the ATLANTA THRASHERS.

Here is a facebook account, go, like it, spread the word. Write letters, send emails, whatever you can do. Every single one of us has a voice and what the team needs now is to HEAR that voice. Bring signs, wear blue (wear blue EVERYWHERE…lets turn this city into BLUELAND).

Just do me one favor, folks. Stop knocking those who DO care and ARE trying to make a difference. It’s been a rough 2011 so far, for everyone. I don’t think shutting up and doing nothing is the best way to show anyone we want our team to stay…especially the team. Probably the only thing driving these guys right now is knowing there are people out there that want them here…I mean, come on, how would feel if the person signing your paycheck was praying you failed every day?

Somehow, somewhere…out there…it sounds like the birdie is waking up, spreading his wings and shaking off the deep sleep he has been covered in…somehow, Spring might just be around the corner…optimism, positivity and maybe even a little hope!


Keep the Thrashers

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