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“Every day you wake up with a choice. A choice to feel good or to feel bad, to feel upbeat or to feel sad. You don’t always wake up feeling good, but if you use that positive approach, that word, it helps you feel better and it helps other people feel better.”

(Coach Craig Ramsay)

Last night sucked. Any true Atlanta Thrasher fan could not walk away from last night without admitting that loss sucked. After witnessing Steve Bernier’s game winning shoot-out attempt, I had to have one more drink just to be able to swallow. Then I went to bed. This morning, when I woke up, I could have gone one of two ways. I could have let the defeat get to me. I could have found something else to write about today. I could have allowed the negativity living in Blueland bring me down too. OR I could try to see the positive out of last night.


That goal was sick.

We had over 14,000 people in attendance last night! During a time when our entire system is cracking, we had over 14,000 loyal supporters. KEEP IT COMING THRASHER FANS!

We played 60 minutes of hockey. Whereas our first period was not the strongest, we actually lasted through the 3rd this time, instead of falling apart and giving it all away. In the beginning of the season, we did that every game. Somewhere we lost that, maybe this is the first sign of it coming back. Baby steps…

We had 46 shots on goal (again). We are starting to get the shots on goal again. Baby steps, this is a good thing. However, in the beginning of the season, we would walk away with 20-25 shots on goal, 4-5 sneaks through the back door or rebound shots, and walk away with a win. Maybe we need to ‘digress’ back to more playing skills like that. In the beginning of the season, one of the biggest changes I think any Thrasher fan noticed, was that we were no longer shooting around the ice, uncertain what to do. We were setting up shots and SCORING on rebounds. It was such as relief to see someone, sometimes even two or three players, standing in front of the net waiting for that rebound. We should try that again. It seemed to work pretty well for us in the beginning. Image 46 shots on goal and 23 rebounds? What would that do? Maybe we could get a

We took this game into a shoot-out. We still got to walk away with 1 point. That IS better than none, right?
I do not honestly understand why Antro was brought out for the shoot-out. I do think that was, perhaps, a very poor decision. OR was it an attempt to make “some of the other guys step up”? If so, perhaps that could be one of the best lessons learned last night. There were 5 guys brought out for the shoot-out who didn’t make the cut. We could have walked away with 2 points. Instead, the only person who actually did score on the shoot-out was the same person who carried the only goal for the Thrashers in regulation. And he hasn’t even been an Atlanta Thrasher for 2 weeks yet. I think this should be used as a key example in the locker room.

Mason was SOLID. Man, was he solid. He had a great game last night. When was the last time Ondrej sat out? Why not give him some breathing room, a little time to re-gather and re-charge himself to get him back to exceptional again. Really, let’s ask ourselves, what is the worst that could happen?

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