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Thrashers celebration
Source: Scott Cunningham

Maybe the whole team needs to be placed on waivers, no? Seemed to work quite nicely for Tim Stapleton tonight, getting his first goal in the NHL. As Andrew Ladd pulled through for us again tonight, the true hero of the game was none other than Ron Hainsey, scoring his first game winner to win the game for the Thrashers. (yes, I DID say WIN)

During the first period, after witnessing a very weak team, pushing the Maple Leafs to a 2-0 lead, I started having my hot flashes and breaking out into the sweats. The second period, though it kept the Maple Leafs silent, it did not bring any sort of relief to the struggling Thrashers. The third period, thank goodness we woke up for this one!

Things that went right, things to build on:

REBOUNDS!! You MUST capitalize on the rebound. Tonight you did.

60 minutes – this team lasted 60 minutes and dominated the last 20. This is a weapon to utilize. It will bring the wins.

Penalties – though there were still 4 unacceptable penalties, it was only 4.

We had over 40 shots on goal again tonight. We need to keep the shots high and keep improving the rebounds. I truly believe this is key.

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