Solidifying the D



At least we are ensuring we have a solid D (so far) next year (wherever we may be). Mark Stuart’s contract extension is final and we still have almost 4 full hours of trading to do.

I knew the day would come when Bergfors would leave, it was pretty obvious he was not in the cards here. I wish him the best of luck and am confident that ANY other team would treat him right…really sucks that it is the only team behind us in our division right now. Give a guy like Bergs the opportunity to play some real hockey, I wouldn’t be shocked if he knocked us out for good. We get Dvorak and a 5th round pick on this one. We now hold both 4th and 5th round picks. I sense even more rebuilding, but in all honesty, I am kind of hoping for a little bit of help on this final uphill for 2010-2011.

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