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It appears as though there is some stomach bug running around the ATL. Awesome way to start the week, up all night, taking turns with each baby while, over and over, they hurled from their beds. Sneaking in a few zzzz’s here and there only to find myself the next victim around 3am. In trying to sit up straight without losing anything I have left, I started surfing for new ideas to write on today. Unfortunately, in tune with my stomach woes, I come across more talk from Winnipeg. Just hearing that name these days is enough to have me going green in the face.

Today may just be Judgement Day in Phoenix. And honestly, I can say, I do truly feel for them. The bigggest difference between the Atlanta Thrashers and the Phoenix Coyotes, is really just that the Coyotoes have always had hockey in the owners minds whereas the Atlanta Spirit Group (another name that makes me sick), only took on the Atlanta Thrashers because they were part of the Atlanta Hawks deal. Unfortunately, the Atlanta Hawks, in more recent days, seem to be finally learning what it feels like to be the unwanted stepchild. Of course, that is only because Atlanta Spirit is now sensing they will be soon losing money with the Hawks as well and, in order to make any money they will have to pay an ioda of attention to those ridiculous Thrashers.
*Insert image of ASG abandoning ship* and viola! We have the mess we are in right now!

Back to Phoenix, with an EAGER buyer ready to sign the dotted line, The Goldwater Institute is now threatening to sue the city of Glendale for what efforts they are trying to make to ensure that Phoenix maintains a NHL team. Not a small feat with the people of Winnipeg stomping their feet and offering up their first (and second) born to get their Jets back. Scott Burnside, for ESPN.com has an interesting read here, pondering whose interests are really being protected as the final days of this battle hashes out.

While Hulsizer gets frustrated and thinks of potentially putting his money into another market, the words Atlanta Thrashers came up. If we really are at a point where we might get ownership that cares about both the city and the sport, potentially creating a “sports complex” in place of a building with a wall of TVs forever turned off and a “Kid’s experience” that gets shut down for a stage to be built, I am all for it. Give Hulsizer the opportunity to save the Coyotes and lets have these “interested parties” in Atlanta stand forward. With season tickets already on sale for the 2011-2012 season, show the fans a reason to buy them (not to keep worrying if we are even going to have the team). It won’t take much to sell out Philips every night, a little love, kindness, a little lower ticket prices…we have the talent. We really do, they just need to see they are wanted too.

Seriously, my stomach can’t really take much more.

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