For Sale or Not For Sale

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I got really excited this morning, seeing all of the various articles and updates on the impending sales in the Atlanta sports market. After reading the recap on The Atlanta Business Chronicle, thinking this would have the most detailed news, I was disappointed to learn that it was, indeed, just a recap of news we already knew. Deeper and deeper I dove, hoping for a live tidbit, a name, a concrete fact, but alas, I found none.

AOL Sporting News reported, after speaking with The Bruce, that the Atlanta Spirit Group “continues to work with Joseph Ravitch…and investment bank The Raine Group” to find investors as they have unsuccessfully been doing for the last two years. Ironic though that there was no mention of the “unsuccessful” attempts since, as it recently was released, Atlanta Spirit Group, ultimately was trying to sell the Atlanta Thrashers, unable to do so due to “legal issues”.

Levenson is reported as saying the interested parties are only interested in purchasing the Atlanta Thrashers, that the Atlanta Hawks and operational rights to Philips Arena are not part of these discussions. Quite honestly, all ASG has done over the past few months is show Atlanta Sports fans one thing, do not trust a WORD they say. Unfortunately, I see the Atlanta Hawks quickly joining the Atlanta Thrashers on the same road of doom. In this article from Bo Churney with the Bleacher Report, it is pretty clear that the Atlanta Spirit Group, besides being the worst owners in the world at this point, could really care less about the fans in either organization. Here is a clue, ASG, the FANS are what brings in the revenue.

The fact that ASG doesn’t even realize this little detail is mind boggling to me. Actually, until just now, it was mind boggling to me. Now, I think I have figured out exactly what their plan really is. They are trying to plead bankrupcy. Easy way out…


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