High fives sting a little too!


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But, man I will take one ANY day!!

We didn’t win in regulation. We still gave the ‘Canes a point. But, Thrasher fans, we won our second game in a row. We won our second game in a row for the first time since the first week of January. We won our second game in a row without Dustin Byfuglien. We won our FIRST game this season against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Highlights of the game:
We won! (I am still kind of giddy.)

Game started with Rob Schremp scoring his first goal as a Atlanta Thrashers. As excited as I have been to watch him score his first goal, I was at dance with my babygirl and missed it. Missed Tobey’s goal to make it 2-0 as well. Got home during the first intermission after watching the woman next to me in route not realize only the people turning had the green arrow…she ran the red light and guess who was waiting on the other side of the light? Bad luck skipped over us this time (thank you random lady, you are truly my 1st star of the game tonight, way to take one for the team!)

After the second period, watching the ‘Canes, Troy Bodie score, I was still feeling confident watching the Thrashers hold them to 1. By the time Erik Cole scored the game tying goal in the third, I contemplated driving around the neighborhood in circles until the game was over, quickly becoming confident that I was the curse of the Thrashers. Has anyone else started to feel a random Cole in their side? Like a nasty thorn you just can’t get out?

Ondrej Pavelec played his first game since his wrist injury. He looked pretty fresh out there on some of those saves. That leap in the third, followed up by that game saving save were just phenomenal. With 35 saves against the Carolina Hurricanes, it is not surprising to see Pavs get the first star of the game. Second star tonight went to, none other than Tim Stapleton.

This final re-match will be taking place in Atlanta on April 8th. My guess would be that this time the ‘Canes might not be taking two days off prior to the game.

With just 6 home games left in Atlanta, Friday night is great opportunity to show your support to the TEAM as we battle the NJ Devils. The Carolina Hurricanes will be heading to Washington to battle the Capitals.

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