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A follow up to my For Sale topic from yesterday, Chris Vivlamore here confirms that Don Waddell has mentioned that there are, indeed, 2 groups and 1 individual that is currently interested in a possible purchase. This purchase is only for the Atlanta Thrashers, however, each of these would also be keeping the team in Atlanta.

Only additional details about the “interested parties” are that two of them are from Atlanta.

Waddell is encouraged by the recent movement, surfacing within the last 30 days, however, this is still just the beginning of the process. There are at least two other interested parties that are interested in the sale of the group combined (Philips, Altanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers). At least 5 non-disclosure agreements have been signed so far.

Unfortunately, with the history of the Atlanta Spirit Group, only so much can be trusted. I do have the tendancy to have a lot more faith in Don Waddell though. He may not have always been the best at what he has done with the Terry Pegula, first approaching Tom Golisano to purchase.
It can be a smooth process, though, in Glendale, AZ, it is a completely different story

On a side note, I wanted to give a little “Get Well Soon” shout out to Bart Szafnicki, Security Director over at CNN Center. Wishing for a speedy recovery!

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