This is what happened last time we faced the Devils @ home...

Here Kovy Kovy Kovy....

Well well well…Look who’s back in town. If it isn’t Mr. Kovalwho… There’s still mixed feelings about the guy  in Atlanta, but I for one, still don’t like him. He’s still a money hungry player in my opinion, but hey, maybe that’s just me. The Devils come to town on a roll in the Eastern conference standings.  New Jersey sits just 3 points behind the Thrashers in the conference and have everyone thinking they might just be able to crawl their way into the playoffs. Atlanta, on the other hand, have everyone thinking the exact opposite.

Since the beginning of 2011, the Devils took full advantage of the new year and made a new beginning of their season. Thus far, this year, they are 20-7-2. The Thrashers, during the same time span, are 8-14-3. I believe this game will be very different than the one we saw back in December when New Jersey was routed 7-1, giving Eric Boulton his first career hat trick.  There was only one good thing we saw from the Devils end that night. We got to see our beloved “Moose” get some time on the ice. Then there was only one bad thing we saw that night. We unfortunately had to witness Mr. Money Hungry Hippo score a goal against his former team. But enough about him.

As slim as it seems right now that the Thrashers can still earn a playoff spot, it is a possibility.  Atlanta currently sits 7 points behind the Rangers for the final playoff spot, and New York has two games in hand over the Thrashers.  Shots on goal have risen tremendously for us over the past couple weeks, but not enough have reached the back of the net.  There’s no news that the Thrashers are skating on thin ice(no pun intended), and have to do everything they can to win these games.  Wednesday was another game, where they proved they can’t play a full 60 minutes. That is a must for any team who wants to win. Yes, they still won, but did give Carolina a point in overtime. It’s not over. Not yet. In fact, I’ve already started growing my “Push to the Playoffs” beard last week.  It’s the first time I’ve tried this, and the girlfriend doesn’t like it. But who cares? This is for my Thrashers!

In December, there was a very large crowd at Philips, and I’m hoping to see the same this time around against the Devils. Let’s get out there have this team’s back towards a playoff push. Game starts at 7:30 PM EST. BE THERE! For more on the game, visit Pucks and Pitchforks.

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