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The last time I flew into Philly from Atlanta, the gentleman sitting next to me was excited that he was finally getting to see his Flyers play since he had moved to Atlanta in the early 80s. He said, “they better win! I am not flying all the way up here to watch Atlanta win!” Shoot! I’d hop on that plane! The best part is, the Atlanta Thrashers won that game.

Atlanta and Philadelphia do not look too much different in their last 10:
Atlanta 3-5-2 Philadelphia 4-5-1 (big difference the extra win in regulation for the Flyers)

The Philadelphia Flyers cracked our shells during our last meet-up, watching the Atlanta Thrashers quiver and fall, scoring first and ending up with a 5-2 loss to the Flyers. Didn’t make it sting any less knowing that we brought our Flyers friends to the game with us.

The Atlanta Thrashers are determined not to give up on the chance to make it into the playoffs. After a 2 game winning streak and earning 4 points, the Thrashers held onto the Red Hot Devils enough to nab 1 more point last night. The Carolina Hurricanes lost to the now 7 wins in a row Washington Capitals, allowing us to inch 1 point closer to them. Today the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Buffalo Sabres and the NY Rangers will be playing San Jose late this evening. The NJ Devils now sit just 2 points behind us in the standings and play the NY Islanders tonight. Tonight is a very active night with a lot of potential.

What needs to happen.

The Atlanta Thrashers need to concentrate on the game. Last night there was a lot of missed opportunities with people not in front of the goal. They need to watch the puck and be on point. Too many turnovers last night caused us to give up too many chances. There is no room for penalties tonight. The tripping, hooking, high sticking and too many men on the ice, leave them here. Do not bring them with you on the road.
We need a lot more of this wheelergoal

“You have to play smarter,” says goalie Ondrej Pavelec, courtesy
That would definitely help. Antropov needs to remember which color jersey we are wearing tonight.

We need a win. In regulation preferably, that would be sweet! 2 points.
We need the following teams to also win in regulation tonight:
NY Islanders
Buffalo Sabres
San Jose Sharks
Columbus Blue Jackets
And, in case I didn’t say it enough already, the Atlanta Thrashers

Check the results of all these games below:
NY Islanders – Eyes on Isles
Buffalo Sabres – Sabre Noise
San Jose Sharks – Blades of Teal
Columbus Blue Jackets – Fire That Cannon

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