Fist Pumping Anyone?

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To Jersey we go. What a week it’s been. This “Push to the Playoffs” beard seems to be working, so far. Since I’ve started, the Thrashers have gone 3-0-1, earning points in all four games. So let’s go Blueland. Everyone start growing your beards early! Even you ladies! Well, maybe not the ladies.  So the push continues on the road in New Jersey, for what should be an interesting game.

The Thrashers head north to hopefully get some revenge for last Friday’s loss to the Devils.  Although we did earn a point in the standings, we gave two to the Devils who are now creeping not far behind.  Friday’s game was one filled with heavy hearts. The loss of Mr. Benning followed us all that day, so the Thrashers’ loss honestly didn’t bother me that much. But now it’s time for round 4.  New Jersey leads this years battle 2-1, so it’s up to Atlanta to even the score.

The Devils are one of the hottest teams in the NHL, behind the leadership of Ilya Kovalchuk. I’ve finally decided to throw my differences aside with the guy. I guess I was still bitter that he left the city, but I can’t blame him. Who would want to play for these owners? He did what he could while he was here and decided to move one. It happens in every sport.  He did have kind words to say about the team and city, saying that he hopes someone will buy the team and keep them here. Don’t get me wrong, I still want the Thrashers to kick his arse, but don’t expect me to boo him at future games.

The Thrashers sit 6 points out of a playoff spot with a handful of game remaining. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely they will get in? Nope. Only time will tell what happens. The shots on goal seem to be the key to success as of late. More are reaching the back of the net, which is a change from the past couple weeks. They HAVE to keep this going for the remainder of the season if they want in. There are 2 spots up for grabs. The Rangers, who are unpredictable , and the Sabres, who seem likely to stay in if they keep their game up. Both have 76 points. Again, only time will tell with these guys. The bus stops first in New Jersey. That’s the only game that matters for now. Go get em’ boys!

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