You Can Hear the Fat Lady in the Distance

She’s not singing yet, but you can hear her whispering in the background. No, the season’s not over for our Thrashers, but it’s almost impossible to regain that hope of playoffs after last night. Good call or bad call, in the end, it still killed all of Blueland after it was all said and done. I’m a little less angry this morning, but can still feel the loss. Kovy scoring the last empty-netter put the icing right on the cake.

Momentum is obviously not on our side any longer. After gaining 7 out of 8 possible points coming into New Jersey, that success has been taken away. At this point, I personally can’t believe they will make the playoffs. Six points away. Doesn’t seem like much, but then you have to throw in the Canes(won last night), New Jersey(Have 1 less game played), and Toronto.  Hopefully, between now and tomorrow, this team gain regain their composure and come back home with fire and vengeance.  Unfortunately, that team we come home to is the Flyers. Yes, we beat them over the weekend, but by sweet baby Jesus magic.

Something’s got to give. There’s nothing to lose now, and everything to gain. 12 games. 24 points up for grabs.  All, but two of the remaining teams we face, are in a playoff spot. We, as fans, only have five more opportunities this season to go out and support our team. No matter the position we’re in now, that can’t be our downfall. There’s no reason for us to give up. That’s why we’re fans. So now, I expect everyone to show up Thursday at Philips with me and have a green beer and Unleash the Fury!!!!

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