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I was pretty fortunate tonight, as I was stuck with the 9 yr olds for my little girls sleepover. Avocado and Oatmeal masks with cucumber slices on the eyes. Phew, at least they missed numbers 7 and 8. We had a nice little shopping trip where the girls got to try on everything in the ‘young ladies’ department earlier this evening. Came out to the car to hear the score was 2-0 Buffalo. No worries really. Eat some Wendy’s for dinner (healthy food) and score is 3-2. Again, no real worries. Head to Publix to buy some snacks and pancakes for breakfast, WHAT? Did I hear that correctly? The score is now 5-2? I thought we were only in there a few minutes…
Coming into the third, I was pumped, the girls were ready. “As soon as er get in the house we HAVE to turn the game on,” says one of my daughters absolute best friends. Eager to have a girls night watching the Comeback Kids…and WHAT do we have here? Those darn Sabres and their inability to LISTEN to me! It is like they have their own goal of keeping the 8th spot. What is the matter with them?

It’s alright…we aren’t giving up yet. I am a dreamer. Always will be.

The Atlanta Thrashers will be gently licking their wounds over the next few days in preparation for our next game on Thursday, March 24 against the NY Islanders.

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