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While most of the Georgia area is waiting to learn if we will possibly have the ability to exercise our right to vote for our right to party…or just for legal alcohol sales on Sunday, the Atlanta Thrashers have a few votes coming up of their own.

The 7th Man Award:

This award goes out to the person (or people) who consider themselves to be the best fans there are out there, the truest of Thrasher fans. Here is the link to submit yourself (or someone else) as the #1 Blueland Fan. The winner will be revealed at the last home game of the season against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The winner will receive the game jersey off the back of whichever Thrasher they choose.

Last year’s 7th Man recepients were Maria and T.R. Benning. T.R. passed away this March 10 and Maria was at the game on March 11 to cheer on her Atlanta Thrashers.
Hard to beat that kind of loyalty.

While you are at it, the Atlanta Thrashers are looking for votes for MVP. I know, everyone is still reeling from Saturday night’s disaster, but, we must move on.
Who do you think has really shined brighter than any other player out there? Has it been Ondrej Pavelec? After his collapse on day 1, he came back with a much more mature and consistent play than we have ever seen. Or would it be Dustin Byfuglien and his amazing defence that keeps him at the top of the list with his points? Whoever you think really made the team better this season, hopefully someone who will be sticking around for at least one more season, vote here to share your thoughts and you could win the opportunity to give the MVP with his award (contest ends April 4).

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