Bracketology! (My Version)

If they NHL playoffs started today, our Thrashers would obviously be out. So then who is there to root for? Who will win it all? Well, here’s my version of how the playoffs will turn out. Criticize as you will!

OK, so maybe this bracket is full of “wishful thinking”, but hey, I can dream. The Preds have been dominant as of late and I think they may be one of those “Cinderelas,” come playoff time.  And as far as the Habs. Carey Price. Pretty much explains it all. I’ve got both of the number 1 seeds exiting in the second round. Why? Well, again, I think the Preds are hot and could take down the Canuks. And the Flyers have been in quite a slump and I don’t think they could turn it around. They’re lucky I even have them beating Buffalo. Well there it is. Take it as you will!

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