Darkness has surrounded the metro Atlanta area, bringing most all of Blueland into a serious state of depression. Yes, most residents of “Thrasherville” seem to have been on this path for quite a while now, but, after Saturday’s humilating loss, those that were teetering have fallen straight in.

Buck up little soldiers.

This season has been a trying and difficult one, not just for the fans, the management staff, for everyone involved. This season has pulled and pushed people to levels hardly even imagined in hockey.

Hang tight. This is just the beginning. This is still a struggling team. We haven’t had the ownership necessary to take a brand new team and march them straight to Lord Stanely. Other markets have had that success. Other markets continue to try to dominate. They are good and they are successful at it.

We are a team on the mend and on the re-build. Well, we aren’t really on the ‘mend’ until someone who cares to mend us buys us…right now we are like the pristine toy sitting on the shelf in the toy store, everyone walking by it, no one loving it. We are a work in progress.

Today is the last day of (what feels like) the longest off week ever! There has been a lot of activity, looking within, working individually within the Thrasher organization to ensure that Saturday’s loss is another brick in the foundation, solid and strong. The season isn’t over yet, there is still plenty of opportunity to learn. Maybe we will not even come close to making it into the playoffs. Maybe we will be dead last. Maybe we will win every game moving forward while teams like Carolina, Buffalo, NY and Toronto will choke and start accruing a few losses (or more).

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

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