Is it Thursday Yet?


I’m just ready for some hockey already! The only good thing about these four days off is that we can heal from the 8-2 loss to Buffalo on Saturday.  Well, playoff hopes have withered away and are just about impossible to think about now. The Rangers, Canes, Leafs, and Sabres all won yesterday, pushing the Thrashers further back. Currently sitting in 11th, 9 points back, it’s hard to think that can be picked up in 10 games, but I doubt many out there are still optimistic.  But as Thrashers‘ fans, we still have to support our team, and hope for some sort of progress and strong play at the end of the season. First stop, Long Island.

Since we can no longer look at the bigger picture, we can just take one game at a time and evaluate what needs to be done before next season.  The Thrashers are 2-1 against the Islanders this year,  heading into the 4th and final battle of the season.  The last time Atlanta visited Long Island,  the Thrashers won the goal fest, 5-4. What will happen this time around? Obviously some things have changed since these last two met. We have some new players aboard, such as Blake Wheeler, Mark Stuart, Rob Schremp, and Radek DvorakWheeler seems to be a crowd favorite as of late. It’s great to have such a young player on the ice, and hopefully, we’ll see his talents in Atlanta for years to come.

I feel we’ll see a much stronger Islanders team in this game. They’ve been incredible in the month of March, going 6-1-4. Heck, now New York is only two points behind your Thrashers and have every intention of tying them up tomorrow. They’re a very young team and have much potential. They just need a few more pieces. I would love to see some new lines in this game. For one,  it would sure throw the Islanders defense off-course and secondly, you never know what you just might find. I doubt we’ll see any major changes, if any, but I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to see what kind of chemistry you can find. As far as the goalies go, just throw one in. The second half of this season has been absolutely atrocious, and neither Mason, nor Pavelec have shown that they deserve a starting job in the NHL.

Heading to New York makes me think. Will we see these Nordiques’ fans again? In my opinion, they may want to start heading south to Phoenix to protest. All this moving talk has sure given me a headache and the Phoenix story changes everyday. I think one thing is evident. Canada will be getting another franchise in the near future, but who? I don’t want to get into the whole debate on why it shouldn’t be Atlanta, because we’ve been there and have done that. Everything will be sorted out in time. Let’s just hope these rumors of a prospective buyer for the Thrashers, Hawks, and Philips are true and work out.

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