Bring It Home Boys!



After a harsh turn of events, bringing one of the best turnarounds to a halt for the Atlanta Thrashers, we have taken an extra few days to recover and are now looking for redemption.

Rob Schremp is facing his old team for the first time since the Atlanta Thrashers nabbed him off of waivers. Unfortuantely, this game is not just about Rob proving a point. At this moment in time, it is more about the team as a whole proving something. Not to the fans or their management any longer, but to themselves.

There has been a lot of harsh words thrown around the last few days, now it is time to get serious.

As of the last time I checked, we are still guessing as to who will be starting for the Atlanta Thrashers in goal this evening against the NY Islanders. If you take the last game out of our latest run, the Atlanta Thrashers have been very strong, dominant and, when falling behind, maintaining the level of stamina necessary to skate until the end.

The Atlanta Thrashers need to bounce back and bounce back hard. Enough of the ridiculous penalties. Get out there and play some hockey. Andrew Ladd, Tim Stapleton and Blake Wheeler have been very hot lately. Rob Schremp scored the incredible shoot out goal (and honestly, Blake’s ‘oops’ moment panned out quite nice for the Thrashers as well). Bryan Little had finally woken up and Evander Kane has been playing his heart out lately.

Our D needs to be a little more dominant and EVERYONE needs to put the last game out of their minds. Tonight is Redemption Night. A night to get everyone back on track.

We are not out of this yet. As I have said before, miracles do happen.

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