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That’s right boys and girls, ladies and gents, I said it.



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For the first time in over a month, 16 games straight without a regulation win, the Atlanta Thrashers did something we had almost forgotten they could do, won in regulation. Chris Mason got the call tonight to protect the net, though the Boys of Blueland were ready to respond and only allowed 15 total shots on Mason all night.

Andrew Ladd racked up his 27th goal of the season to bring the Thrashers up 1-0 in the 1st. Throwing themselves in front of the puck, stripping the Islanders of their possessions time and time again, the Atlanta Thrashers bounced back from last Saturday’s loss in a way Thrasher fans had only dreamed of before tonight.


image Mike Stobe/ Getty Images

To walk away from this game with the game winning goal scored by Rob Schremp, a Islander less than 1 month ago, is like a Cinderella story with hockey skates. The Atlanta Thrashers had a lot to prove tonight, not just to us, the fans. Not just to Ramsay and crew. But to themselves individually as well as their teammates. Tonight this team showed us a piece of a dream. A dream Atlanta has been believing in for a long time. Tonight they showed us a group of men who knew how to play hockey. Tonight they played like professionals ready for the challenge. Tonight they played like they were in the playoffs.

“History Never says Never…”

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