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This shot, early on in the evening tonight, one goaltender against the #1 point leader/ #3 goal leader in the NHL. This moment would set the theme for the rest of the evening. And Chris Mason was victorious. The penalty shot heard round the south.

It would be and could be very easy for the Atlanta Thrashers to walk away from tonight’s game with heads down low and shoulders slumped. There is no reason for that. Tonight we battled the Vancouver Canucks. With 49 regulation wins so far this season, 107 points (and more than likely, still climbing), the #1 AND #2 point leaders as Captain and Alternate Captain on their team, we knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be an easy game. Unfortunately, for most of us, we were just hoping it wasn’t another slaughter.

And it wasn’t. The Atlanta Thrashers walked away with so much done right. A total of 2 penalties for the night, one of which a BLOCKED penalty shot. When Mason Raymond scored the first goal of the game the Thrashers held it together. Stood tall and remained completely in tact.

We were up against one of the best goalies in the NHL performing one of his most solid performances. Luongo stopped 30 out of 31 shots from the Thrashers. Some of these shots I may still be replaying in my sleep. We didn’t give up, not until the final 13 seconds, when Burrows hammered the nail.

The Vancouver Canucks, with 107 points so far for the season were only able to release 26 total shots on Chris Mason. Of those 25, more than half of them came in the second period alone and only a total of 5 in the third.

This game was a close one. This game was an intense one. There were 16,237 people in attendance tonight. Most of them in Thrasher Blue. They were there for a victory. We all knew you could do it.

That is the only thing that didn’t go right tonight. I think there were too many out there holding the sticks that really just weren’t sure.


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