Sunday Matinee


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Today we have the earliest game this season (I think).
Philips Arena
Hosting the Ottawa Senators

Today is Kid’s Day -with an autograph session before the game in the Philips Experience
The Blue Crew Girls will be up there making an appearance

Only two more home games left after this one

The Carolina Hurricanes and The Toronto Maple Leafs lost yesterday (finally) to allow us the opportunity to inch a little bit closer to them in the final days.

At this point though, if we win, we win. If we lose, we lose.

Yesterday I sat through my 6 yr old’s baseball game. After waiting out the rain, we finally got to play. Throughout the game, the opposing manager raised his voice, stopped play to discipline his kids and truly, by the end of the game made it the most tense game I have ever witnessed…Parents (and Grandparents alike) walked, ok…they actually ran from that game, ready to put the experience behind them. That had me thinking this morning. All I want to see the Thrashers do is have some fun. It seems like the fun has been gone for a while now.

It has been so long since we have seen a Byfuglien goal , parading around afterwards flaunting Atlanta on his sleeve. Too long since we have seen Kane get knocked down, beaten up and turn around and lay the guy out. Today I would love to see Schremp (the “coolest shrimp I have ever seen on the ice” – said my 6 yr old Friday night) display even more of his sick skills taking the puck to the net.

If you look for the “Big Story”, as with much of the latest pre-game news, no one really has much to say. We winding down after one of the most scatterbrained seasons. Just play some hockey boys.

Shoot, put Bolts in and score another hat trick. Play it up, live it loud, tear UP the ice and show the fans what you have. Ladd, go ahead and grad a hat trick too – that will bring you up to 30 for the season. So you lost Friday night, you come back, you hold your head high and forget all the nonsense. The nonsense talk and malarkey that tries to hold this team down. Just play the game. Treat yourselves for once, do it for you and mostly, enjoy it. Life is too short to let yourself get in a position where you are not enjoying that what you love to do most.

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