Kids Say The Darndest Things


For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Mega Millions, a lottery drawing held every Tuesday and Friday night, well, you haven’t met my dad. My dad is seriously addicted to the lottery and, unfortunately, sometimes the addiction spills over onto his kin. This past Friday night the Mega Millions drawing was up to $319 Million dollars and, well, the Atlanta Thrashers COULD be bought for that much…at least that is what I was thinking when I picked the kids up from school Friday night.

“So,” I told the kids as they got their seat belts on, ‘how about a cookie from Publix?” For the first time ever I got, ‘I don’t want a cookie Mommy,” from both of those kiddos in the backseat. As I tried to explain to them that I wanted to get a lottery ticket, a light bulb went off and I knew how to speak in “their terms”.

“Well,” I said gently,”I was thinking, if we won the lottery tonight, we could buy the Thrashers.” My son’s head perked up in the backseat. “We could buy the Thrashers?” I nodded. He replied, “so I could make them come over for breakfast?”

So, we went to the store, bought some tickets and, since we were there, picked up a cookie too.

Completely forgetting about the tickets stashed in my purse, I went about the evening with the in-laws in town. Had some dinner, watched the game (traumatizing my father-in-law) and eventually went to bed. Saturday morning, knowing I got to sleep in just a little, I heard a noise coming from the side of my bed. Oh dogs, I thought, why do you always have to go out right when I get comfortable?

I peaked under one eyelid to see which dog was my new enemy and instead I saw my son. “Did you find the numbers mommy?” Numbers? I thought in my head. Why do I have absolutely no idea at ALL what he is talking about? “What numbers honey?” I said, sitting up a little trying to figure out what he was talking about (and what time it was since it was still dark). “You know, the numbers,” he said, kind of eager and uncertain, hanging onto the unknown he was attempting to get out of my delirious mind. “The numbers we need to win to own the Thrashers, Mommy! Did we win? Can we go buy them today?”

I couldn’t help but start my day with a smile on my face. And when I told my dad the story I could feel him beaming through the phone.

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