It Ain't Over

Yet, but it is close with visions of hockey players dancing in the babies’ heads at night…

My ‘evening’ started last night, running through the house with one heel on, trying to find a can of Beefaroni for my daughter to woof down before dance started at 6. For the longest time, Wednesday nights were hot dog nights. As long as I had some Nathans thawed in the fridge, all I needed to do was get them heated up and we were good to go. Not so much come the 8th day straight stuck in hair pulling traffic, losing an additional 30 minutes I will never get back. This time, she decides to be picky.

Finally, before a meltdown ensues, with 5 minutes left before we absolutely had to leave, my angel goes to the pantry, grabs a can of chicken noodle soup and asks for a pan. I sigh and hand over the pan, grateful we are progressing.

As I juggle my other shoe, car keys, the plastic bowl full of soup while trying not to trip over either dog and my 6 yr old pouting, close to his own meltdown, on the chair next to the doorway. As we almost make it out the door, my daughter turns around, clad in her black leotard, black skirt and cowboy boots and says, “Mommy, are we going to the game against the Penguins next week?”

“Go!” I stomped to her as she flashed that smile of hers and ran to the car.

Hours later, after we finally made it home and it was time to put this child to bed, Daddy got a phone call. We heard, “Can I call you back in just a minute, I am putting my daughter to bed”


“Who was that, ” we both asked as he walked into the room. “Chris,” he said. Not like half of the people in our every day life right now is NOT named Chris or anything causing a huge chuckle. As our daughter crawled into bed, we called off all of the different people it could have been and she finishes off with, “and one we don’t even know personally like Kris, (pause) Letang, you know”

In absolute awe, as we both attempted to pick up our jaws, Daddy says “Or it could have at least been Chris Thorburn, geez baby, Letang isn’t even a Thrasher!” (yet, thinks the little girl with a smile on her face snuggling into bed…)

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